My Journey into Holistic Therapy & Bodywork

My journey into holistic therapy began back in 1993. I suffered an injury with symptoms relative to a mini-stroke. I was debilitated and had tremors of the left arm. The left side of my face including my eye. After going to my local GP, but given nothing more than strong doses of Ibuprofen for pain and major stiffness I was extremely disappointed that little more was offered. After being sent for nerve conduction tests and X rays, but nothing was diagnosed as life threatening.

The worst part of however, was the mental and emotional changes. Overnight began the panic attacks the paranoia, the up and down from depression to hyper highs. Pain, stiffness, breathing problems, created further back problems and trouble sleeping. All in all you could say I was a mess and saw no way out. Until I came across a book on “Energy”. It suggested that posture plays a direct role in mental and emotional changes when it is faulty.

I first had trouble getting my head round this idea. But after careful and honest observation, I realised I did in fact have terrible posture. So after trying various correction methods such yoga and pilates classes. Countless appointments with Osteopaths and Chiropractors and Physiotherapists, not any of them managed to heal me. I realised then I would have to fix myself. I researched various and many energy medicines and used them to dissolve “energy blockages”

They all spoke of the importance of posture so much I decided to devise my own Yoga system and thus qualified as one. After attending other courses, such as Kinesiology and shiatsu acupressure I worked in gyms and health clubs for over 20 years. Since then I have ran my own clinic and transformed not only myself, but hundreds of clients over the years.

The result is the person you see now at the age of 48. I can do things physically and have flexibility people in their 20’s would find it hard to manage. My journey continues to this day. When will yours begin?