Why massage doesn’t work?

Many people opt for massage therapies and while some offer relaxation, others offer deep tissue relief in the form of sports massage or maybe Thai massage, a spa treatment or physiotherapy.

Whilst massage can be an enjoyable experience and for some people a little light and gentle touch offers a temporary feel good. Nothing wrong with that of course.

They offer little however, by way of a real long term solution to pain relief. This is not just me being biased as a therapist and business owner. This is not only a fact, but testimony from all my clients over the years, past and present.

Why don’t Chiropractors work?

The truth is they don’t know how to structurally change a persons body from head to toe. They’re not trained to spot postural patterns in the same way a Structural Therapist can. They are trained to treat the pain on site and because of that, you more than likely will find yourself having to visit them over and over again for years. It’s a short term relief, but not a long term solution.

Physiotherapists will offer a similar  diagnosis for pain & tightness in the muscles  A rub and stretch or two to do at home. but as for anything that is going to take away the pain and transform, educate your body for the future so that the problems don’t come back. This they cannot do. Only a Structural Therapist can provide a more satisfying long term solution.

Wilhelm Reich-Character Armor

Wilhelm Reich is considered to be the Father of Bio-energetics. A therapy that at its very core is about getting a person to open themselves up to “life energy”. This is vital source energy that is also within the matrix of our myofascia Our lives are spent expanding and contracting, with our breathing, with our muscles and our senses. At some point this starts to happen emotionally, where we feel a need to protect, so we contract. Or we feel we want to allow people in so we expand to give ourselves the opportunity to grow. At any point we might feel it is not safe to expand, to allow in and we subconsciously create tension which in turn leads to contraction on the muscular level. This is where therapy gets very interesting and also can become very liberating. The “blockages” that then form, as a result over time distort our posture and “hold” us in that body language pattern forever if we don’t become aware of releasing from it.

Manchester’s Only Structural Therapy Centre

I offer a unique treatment – Structural Release therapy.

A large majority of people will have never heard of Structural Therapy. For the clients that have had this therapy before, there is no going back. You can hear what they have to say in the video testimonials section. ST goes to the heart of the pain and tackles it head on. Making light work of whatever the issue might be. The reason it works well for frozen shoulders, whiplash, sciatica, lumbago, and a whole host of other issues is that these areas are all posture related. They all contribute to the frame of the body becoming faulty over time.

Whether the reason is injury related or just a sedentary life due to office work. Posture is more involved in pain than you would think. Dr Vic Barker seems to think so.


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