Myofascial Realisation

It seems that the latest craze is here folks! myofascial release and connective tissue is only now becoming more and more a word that was once not too long ago unheard then, all of a sudden, we have foam rollers for breaking down fascial adhesions and virtually every gym instructor has their clients rolling on one. We even see classes where the rock and rollers move and sway their bodies while talking about their latest personal best in the gym.

If this sounds like I’m being sarcastic I’m not. I have been working with connective tissue for 25 years and I’m relieved the public and professionals alike are getting the message about connective tissue, myofascia and all things rolling away to break down adhesions. Yet here comes my big BUT!!

Breaking down adhesions and getting myofascial release is a positive step forward, 100% agree with this, but you are essentially having an indirect effect on the structure and ONLY if there are changes made there to the overall postural pattern imprint will any of the rolling around do any good. Until then its a craze and a way of selling a product because the sport science people have said yes the news on connective tissue unwinding and myofascia is legit so now lets go make some money!  I have seen this with my clients time and time again and they will tell you themselves. That until they made sense of the rubbing by working with a change in their structure because the intelligence to do this amount of conscious work, is in the realms of the individual, not a piece of foam, then the previous problems and pains will come back. So the order SHOULD go, release the tissues, repair the injuires and finally restructure the whole body.

Anything else is pushing products on an unwitting public.

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