Ray Haq Pain Management & Injury Rehabilitation in Fallowfield Manchester

If you’re looking for a real answer to pain and injury, this is where your search ends

Myofascial Release has become a popular and trend word in the fitness and massage therapy community. People are now beginning to relaise that if their connective tissue which is incredibly strong, (think spidermans web powers) is not kept free from adhesions, congestion, and stagnation, it can affect so much of us. If the movements we’ve made throughout our whole lives has been with faulty postural habits, eventually this will affect the whole of the muscles and frame. Due to this we fall out of balance pretty early on and then spend the rest of our time trying to correct this. Connective tissue structural work can repair this and even reverse the problems to help you get back your former pain free self. 

During my 20 years of study of posture, bodywork, fitness, balance and health, I can help you to achieve your real body, that lies hidden underneath pain and tight muscles. 

Targeting All Areas of Pain & Muscular Injuries