Lie Down and Take It.

Chiropractors it seems, in their attempts to “help” as many people as they can, are really proving themselves, (and I am generalising here) to be very concerned with the publics balance.

Trouble is, it’s not the balance of their patient’s body’s so much as it is of their own bank balance. Don’t get me wrong, in order to keeping a practice running as successfully as one can, it is important to keep the business side of it as healthy as is as the service you provide.

However, I feel compelled to write this piece because of the many, many clients that have come to me with stories that paint the profession quite cutthroat and less concerned with care and more concerned with capital gain.

If you do the math. Your average high street chiropractor will charge around £40 and the session lasts around 20 minutes. Even at 6 hours a day that’s around £700! That’s a not a bad day’s pay! Especially if the public are rushing to you, presuming that you are the person to take away their pain.

Now, to anyone reading this and thinking well Ray sounds a little bitter. I am perfectly happy with both my income and more importantly my reputation. And here’s why…….

A chiropractor, has only spent the standard amount of time at training school. They have been “told” to memorise the human body and its various parts and systems. They know technical names and how to make things sound “cool & confusing” Don’t forget, you’re the average person on the street who knows very little and you are under the impression that, if the chiropractor has an office in a high end of town, if they have letters after their name, plaques on the wall and a secretary to take the calls. They are bound to be the bee knees at what he does right? Wrong.

This is an illusion and although I don’t know any of them personally, the stories my clients tell me are discouraging and worrying to say the least. Such as jumping off filing cabinets to perform adjustments. Or the hard sell when it comes to booking in again. Some even giving up, scratching their heads and saying they can’t find anything wrong. Despite the pain still being there. One even, made one of my clients, frightened and left her in such a bad way. Hurting her back and making things worse. Other than stories similar, most of the people that find me have already been to many physical therapists not just chiropractors and it is shocking how very few of them know what they’re talking about, let alone what they’re doing to fix lower back, issues or anything relatively standard for a profession that relies on being completely clued up on your subject.

So why oh, why are they getting it so wrong? Simple. They are not trained to look at the WHOLE person and more importantly, they know very little about their own sense of “poise” so they have nothing to relate back to their patients with. Posture is nothing more than a “phrase” in one of their lectures from study days and they might have done or do a few yoga classes themselves.

4 years is not enough training to REALLY observe the patterns of imbalance that eventually affect us all. No one escapes the pull of the earth on our bodies and gravity will drag us down whether we like it or not. Whether we are a professional sports person, avid gym goer or 9-5er.

Our best chance is to understand it, and use it to work for us and know how to apply this knowledge in terms of our WHOLE structure. Cracking a few bits here and there and advising the patient to come back again for more of the same, week in week out is both a disservice and gives the profession a very bad name. The Chiropractic profession in my opinion is guilty of sub-standard results and exploiting their patients with “quick fix” methods because the system has unfortunately become corrupted. Not the discipline or art of healing someone using genuine hands on manipulative techniques. Really making someone feel better may take more than a 20minutes and often in my practice, I work on people for an hour and even that is not enough most times. 20 minutes is the usual standard less time, less customer care, less attention paid to WHAT the patient really needs from the health care provider, yet the provider still gets paid full price for his time and very little effort. A rip off in my book.

Where does that put me then, if I too am advising my clients to come back? Simple. I am genuinely showing them how to correct themselves, so in years to come they won’t not only need me, but to minimise the chances of them needing a physical therapist in any shape or form. As the famous quote by Hippocrates states “The greatest medicine, is to teach people how not to need it”

My clients that are the living testimony to all my claims and myself for that matter. Real long-lasting results speak for themselves. If you have paid 24 years of attention to your own frame throughout its own aches and pains and postural faults AND corrected them yourself, as a practitioner, you stand a better chance of helping your clients as well.

No Escaping Nature

The concept of gravity operating as a Natural Law on our bodies might as well be an alien language to most standard practitioners. However, once you explain this law to clients and all of my clients are intelligent enough to understand what I’m explaining, even if they can’t understand how I do what I do to make them better. Once on board, clients are much more accepting of the pain, which is necessary in adjusting the faulty patterns that have twisted and confused the fibres and tissues, brought on by years of not understanding their own postural patterns. Within one session every single client can see this how this law affects them, because when they look in the full-length mirror and hour later they can immediately see how much longer they look, lighter they feel and for once they have very little pain. So, I’ll wrap up this post by saying we need more structural therapists who are willing to learn about how to improve their clients based on two things. How much they understand the structure of the body and also are willing to improve this in themselves. After all you can earn £100’s a day but what is the point if you’re patients are really none the better for it. Going back to the basics of knowing what balance really is what will really help people. And basics such as knowing and learning about balance yourself is a huge step in the right direction for anyone to start with.