Ray Haq Holistic Therapies Manchester

From Anti Ageing to Weightloss, I have it covered!

The term “holistic” means to treat not just the symptoms, but the whole person inside and out.

I have a wide variety of treatments and therapies available.

 “Structural Release” is a unique corrective massage therapy, incorporating Rolfing, structural integration sports massage, deep tissue massage and physiotherapy techniques amongst others, which I use to cure pain, injury. muscular problems and align the body back to it’s true and natural frame.

Other ways in which pain, tension and injury can be alleviated are through my other holistic therapies – 

Massage Therapies – Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Tui Na & More

 Colonic / Weightloss massage

Gua sha Scraping Technique and Gua Sha Antiageing Facials 



Please contact me, to help me assess the most effective therapy for your needs. Holistic therapy prices can be viewed here.